Servants of the Shard

Guardians of Arete: Session Twenty-three

Navana Vladaam Falls and a Character is Captured

Ysobel Shadowcaster:

Rain 18

In which we may have made a mistake. Or not.

Much as we would have liked to avoid confronting Navana as we left the Banewarrens after such strenuous undertakings, it was not possible for us to ignore the challenge she presented. Her companions, werewolves of impressive size, were kept busy by Otto’s flaming flail and the silver bullets in my pistols. Leto and Nadeira were left to deal with Navana for the most part. It was difficult, but we prevailed in the end. Unfortunately, one of the werewolves escaped to tell of our victory. I am certain we will hear more from Navana’s family later. At least we recovered the hand of Danar from her body.

As we exited the Banewarrens, we found the body of Calreisent. I had half expected it, but it was a gut-wrenching blow nonetheless. We put his body onto his shield so that we could take him back to Brother Fabitor. We burned the other bodies. As we walked back into the city, we passed one of the Commissar’s guns being pulled to the walls by an owlbear. The barbarians were rumored to be only days away.

We told Joan to prepare for a siege.

Brother Fabitor was greatly upset to receive his friend’s body instead of better news. He did have some news about the city’s planned defenses, but we did not want to keep him from his work for long.

We decided to speak to Lord Zavere about our encounter with Navana, but there was no answer when we knocked at the door. Nadiera opened it before I had a chance to stop her, but for once I was glad. Both Lord Zavere and Lady Rrill were entranced – staring into the crystal shard in the center of the castle. There was a being of purple energy standing between them, also entranced. We tried to speak to them, but what replied was certainly not anyone we knew. All three spoke as one, and they said that the Vallez Moon was returning.

Bad news seems to stalk us in this city.

Upon our return to the Banewarrens, Nadeira discovered a very large ape hiding to ambush us. It is too bad she did not also discover the gnoll that shot her in the back. We subdued the two and questioned them closely, but found little to enlighten us. They were guards for the Pact Lord of the Quaan on his excursion to find a specific Bane.

We tossed the two out of the Banewarrens, trusting that their ingenuity would either save them from death at the hands of their masters or not and caring little what happened to them. We followed the sounds of fighting into the maze and found an unwelcome surprise: a mind flayer. He was fighting with and against several other creatures from legend including a sphinx, an ogre mage, and a spider creature with minions. The chaos was too great to see exactly what happened or who fought who. Otto added to the uproar by throwing a grenade or two and Leto tossed in a fireball for good measure. In the end we prevailed, but I could not say how. I was poisoned at some point during the fight though I don’t remember being struck. Everything seemed to slow down terribly – Otto was a bright blur next to me. I am certain that his actions saved my life that day, but he will not admit it and so I cannot properly thank him.

As we waited for the flames to die down, we examined some nearby doors with broken wards. One of the rooms contained the remains of a purple glass sphere floating in the center of the room. The sphere was just large enough to hold a dagger like the one we recovered from the dead mind flayer. We replaced the dagger and sealed it inside the sphere in hopes that we could later seal the room as well.

Several rooms, one secret passage and a ladder later, we were confronted by a dwarven woman on a green and white spider. She appeared as if from nowhere, though I suspect now that the spider was the one transporting her hither and yon. She attacked me at once. As soon as she touched me I felt myself jerked from the world into the ethereal plane.

We exchanged some words. She said that Brother Heth wanted to see me. She assured me that my friends would not find me and offered me the choice of being taken to Brother Heth alive or dead.

I chose to live. Then she knocked me unconscious.



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