Servants of the Shard

Guardians of Arete: Session Twenty-four

A Rescue is Mounted

Ysobel Shadowcaster:

Where am I? Why is this happening to me?

No! Don’t think about the Hand of Danar! They’ll know where I hid it…

You lost your faith when? Ah. Your wife died. I understand now. I am truly sorry for your loss, but your pain does not excuse your actions. You may choose to die now or later. Why are you laughing at me?

I loved those trees. I loved them even while they burned to cinders. Every life given to allow me to escape is precious to me. Every life.

Am I dreaming? Why is Brother Heth in my dreams? I would never dream about someone so unfeeling. This must be reality. When did everything change to be so ugly?

I think they have it now. I might as well try to die and end this pain. Why must there always be pain…

Why must I relive that Longest Night again? It hurt so much the first time. You already saw it once, Heth.

Don’t think about what that tube is attached to.

Wait – they intend to trick my friends! I must try to deceive them. But how?

So many tubes.

What is that light?


Rain 19

I know now that Brother Heth was a pawn, a tool used by the Pact Lords to entrap my friends and allow an opportunity for us to be killed. They searched my mind using a machine called the Probe of Dreams. They took the Hand of Danar from me.

Brother Heth carried a dagger named Yaeshala, The Blessed One. Heth never knew it, but the dagger is intelligent. It is the first part of the sealing rod we seek. Yaeshala was a child, and the dagger maintains that air of innocence even after so many centuries.

Brother Heth and his shape shifting accomplice left behind a portal to the Quaan, which we used to access that place. I know form my reading that the Quaan was once the demiplane of Ardaen and is saturated with his essence. I hope that will aid our quest to regain the Hand of Danar. I also hope that we may return there one future day and restore Ardaen to his rightful place of power.



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