Servants of the Shard

Guardians of Arete: Session Twenty

Illtumar is in Danger

Leto Schreyer:

I awake and find myself very comfortably in our bed at our small home. Raelic is in the corner looking like a lump of earth. I have never really expressed my feelings for him before I do not think. I guess that there is no one in the world, mine or Praemal, that I would be able to call a true companion. I love my friends and I would die for them in an instant if it would save there life. But with Raelic, this goes so much deeper. He has been there for me in every way possible. He awoke and rolled over and sat back down by my bed. We shared a few thoughts and then got up for the day.

We head over the Bull and Bear Armory to look at items for Otto’s credit that he has there.

While there, the owners begin telling us about Illtumar, there apprentice. They tell us that they are concerned that he is falling in with the wrong crowd. We find out that Illtumar has been running around with the Broken Square. They are a chaos cult. His girlfriend Anika gave him the ring. The 2 of them do not seem to know what it means. Though through conversations with the 2 of them, we found that they seem to be trying to recruit Illtumar specifically.

We discover that the ring gets them into the Brotherhood of Ptolus.

We also discover that there is a secret meeting being held tonight. We think that this is a great opportunity to see what the Brotherhood of Ptolus is about and why they want Illtumar. Illtumar tells us that he will let us see what the group is all about. He really likes Otto and trusts us. So he will let us have the ring to see what the group is about.

We take the ring and go down the street as Illtumar was instructed to do as well. We see some signs from a person on the roof. We follow the signs of the person and a few others. We finally get to the place that we were supposed to go. We find that there are Balacazar guards we guarding the doors when we arrive. We were given hoods and told to head downstairs. We get down there and there are hoods on everyone.

We begin to mingle and after a little bit, and then one of them begins to talk. The usual chaos prattle about the chaos gods and everything else. The joining which turns out to be a sexual reference. We also find out that one of the men here has a sexual disease. WOOT.

Another cultist comes down the stairs with friends. He begins to scan the room saying that there are imposters among us. We are discovered and then the bloodshed ensues. We have to fight our way out of the building. After we kill almost everyone, we discover that the leader of the one who gave us up was a Sebuccai. Looking at everyone, there are a couple of different chaos cults that were represented at the meeting. Physicians, merchants and peasants were all there.

We take the Sebuccai to brother Fabitors and he suggests that we take him over to the Knights of the Golden Cross. We meet Kyra at the Golden Citadel. She takes the Sebuccai in and tries to heal him. He is immune to magical healing for some odd reason. They inform us that he will be out for a bit if we wanted to get freshened up and meet back there for the interrogation. We agree and Kyra’s father escorts us out. He is not a very pleasant man. Before leaving, Kyra offers us a formal invitation to join the Golden Cross. Friendship bands and all.

This is turning out to be a very dangerous game that we have gotten ourselves into. They have a real hate for us right now. Probably because we have been thwarting there plans since we got here. I guess it was only a matter of time.



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