Servants of the Shard

Guardians of Arete: Session Nineteen

A New Discovery

Nadiera Bin Mustafa:Whew! We got the girl to safety. She’s going to be okay, although perhaps a little traumatized. Then we went back down to the Tombs.

We find a secret passage, there seem to be several of these down here. This one is locked and there is a magic word to open it. We try a bunch of things and finally, get this, I say “Orcas” in Abyssal and the walls melt away. I think I have some explaining to do to my team.

Well, right away we hear movement. So we go to check it out. Zombies – 4 of them. But I’ve learned a new trick. I flipped up over the table and jumped up on the walls in the corner. I was able to hit the zombies from there, but they couldn’t reach me. It was pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Again, a secret door. I can’t find any traps, so we open it. Oops! Trap, big trap – 3 runes blast us. Ysobel is unconscious and we’re all hurting pretty badly. My bad! Sorry guys! I’ll pay more attention from now on!

Inside, we find a beautiful 4 poster bed, a feather bed, nice tapestries, the works! I ran and jumped on the bed and snuggled down into it. Ysobel’s eyes widen at me and she looked disgusting. Whatever! Then we found a chest, teak and silver, gorgeous! I did find a trap this time, thank you very much and disabled it. So I went to open it. The next thing I remember was Leto looking over me, shaking his head, laughing and grimacing at me all at the same time. What’s wrong with me today? Well I must have found them all, right? Wrong! Gas trap! I’m not going to live this day down!

Anyway, inside the chest were all sorts of goodies! Scrolls and a book, stones and gems and lots of GOLD! Whoo-Hoo! We can afford our new house that needs so much work now!! The book is kind of scary though. It really unsettles even me. It is locked and has a silver face on it. Red gems are set in the cover.

Ysobel picks up the book and immediately looks hurt. She drops the book. Leto realizes it is a book of Vile Darkness an artifact. I’m not sure what all that means, but it sure scares the falafel out of me.

We went back down thru the caverns and came across a pen of sorts, with dead people heaped all over. Ick! Then we come to a fork and we were torn between two paths. We started down one and come across 2 Dwarven statues. Oh, this looks promising! There was a wall and a door we can’t open, but I was able to climb up over it and open it from inside. Not terribly secure, I mean, why bother having a lock if anyone can just scale the wall and get in?

We found neat stuff in that room, though! Weapons marked with a seal. I vaguely remembered that seal. Something about a great city beneath Ptolus, Dwarvenharth. It was sealed up a long time ago. Cool!

Anyway, we kept going and we saw “Exiled! Don not pass!” scribbled on a wall. So of course, we passed! As we kept exploring, the cavern opened up into a huge chamber, with a huge door that looked like a big gear. I snuck down a little and saw 2 dark elves guarding the door. We ended up getting one but the other must have run thru the door back inside. We followed him in. What a sight we saw! A dried up moat and on the other side, it looked like a castle wall. I climbed down into the moat and up the wall to window. Ysobel followed me and helped me look for a way to put the bridge down so that they others could cross over.

We saw beautiful compound bows hanging and dragon rifles. Really nice equipment!

I climbed up to the balcony and we managed to get the bridge down. Ultimately though, we decided to go the opposite way though. There was a passage going away from the moat that we think the other dark elf must have gone down. We need to take care of him first!



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