Servants of the Shard

Guardians of Arete: Session Eighteen

Back to the Tomb Temple of Kelvin

Nadiera Bin Mustafa:

I am not the most patient person. Have you learned this yet? But I went with the group to see the Shuul, because Otto wanted to. He’s very interested in the things they make. He really is quite the inventor. And the Shuul are trying to bring back the old science that has been lost. Now I like inventions, don’t get me wrong, and I like to have all the newest technology, but I don’t really care how it is made.

It was a bunch of construction, and dirty. Otto showed his designs to one of the Shuul and they say they are pretty good. We are told to go see Savane. So we do. He tells Otto that he’s pretty good and could come and study with them. He gives Otto some reading material…blah, blah, blah. But to do this, Otto must become a member and swear an oath to the empire. He’s not ready for that, and I’m not ready for him to leave us yet. I think this may be in his path though someday.

Then we go to get inducted into the Knights of the Golden Cross. Kyra wants to do this at her house, without the rest of the members. It was surprisingly informal, which I found quite pleasant.

Then, it’s back down to the Tombs of Kelvin! I’ve been waiting of this!! This time we ran past the skeleton fountain and had no problem offing the 2 that came out. At the top of a hallway was a red flashing rune. We decided to send Otto thru and see what happened. Nothing seemed to happen.

We found a spiral staircase, down a hidden passage, and or course, there were the zombies! We worked on them for a while and more enemies started to show up. Not Otto started acting weird, he went behind a tapestry instead of fighting, not his style at all. Right as we finished them off, we heard a scream down the hall. We found a girl, she looked pretty bad. We decided to take her up to the surface and come back later.

But Otto was off on his own again. What’s up with him? He just went ahead opening doors and not waiting for anybody! We called after him and tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. So we locked the unconscious girl in a safe room and went running after Otto. By the time we got to him, he had opened a door to a large hall where stood: an ogre, a high priest and several other mean-looking guys. We were unprepared, to say the least! But then we hear one guy say to another that Otto was on their side!! Not good!

Now Otto is tough, I wouldn’t want to go up against him. So I thought maybe tripping him up in my bolas might keep him from killing us, if what the guy said was true. Damn runes!! But it didn’t work and now Otto was just pissed…at ME! So Leto and Isobel set to fighting the bad guys while Otto and I sparred for a while. He’s tough, but luckily, I’m nimble, and we didn’t really hurt each other after all was said and done.

Well, we ending up victorious, but it was NOT an easy fight. Leto was able to cast a spell or something on Otto and instantly he was back to being reliable old Otto! We found a key on the high priest, I think and we pulled some rubies out of the archway so it wouldn’t work for teleportation anymore. We got a bunch of magical armor and stuff. Not a bad take for just starting out down here. But we REALLY have to get this girl to safety. So we’ll come back soon!



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