A powerful ritual utilizing complex soul magic have brought the characters to Praemal. The spell was designed to bring some of the greatest heroes of the multiverse at the height of their power to Ptolus for mysterious purposes. Due to the prison nature of the world the spell did not perform as expected. The characters are stolen away at the lowest point of their power and with no knowledge of their past heroism. Instead of being transported to their true point of arrival they are instead brought to Castle Shard (for very specific reasons). To add insult to injury the result of the spell’s misfire spawned alternate timelines in which these characters exist. But these timelines are not exclusive, they can influence each other.

The campaign will utilize themes reminiscent of the “Eternal Champion”. The characters are all aspects of the great Heroes of Balance, shards of the original Eternal Champions. The lost elven city of Dreta Phantas will take on the identity of Tanelorn. Not only is it one of the ultimate destinations of the campaign but it exists in all worlds at all times. The characters will recognize its name every time it comes up. Even with Praemal’s prison nature Dreta Phantas is somehow present across the multiverse.

Servants of the Shard